Diary of a Rad Housewife: Ten Years of Tirades and True Tales
(Right Fracture Press, May 2016)


Diary of a Rad Housewife brings back memories of when feminist mom blogging was about venting our political frustrations versus building an empire. The raw honesty and rants are sadly still relevant today. If you have ever wondered what happens when a feminist becomes a mom, this is the book for you. Spoiler alert: She gets even more radical.” –Veronica I. Arreola, founder of Viva La Feminista

The Radical Housewife: Redefining Family Values for the 21st Century
(Medusa’s Muse Press, 2014)

Radical Housewife cover

“Wise and funny, thoughtful and sometimes cranky, Shannon Drury tells us how she came to realize that feminism is the ideal framework for raising children, instead of the threat perceived by those who promote ‘family values’….take this one to your book club and schedule an extra hour or two for discussion.” –Mary Ann Grossman, St. Paul Pioneer Press